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Storytools of Testing: Book + Audio Program

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Storytools of Testing: Book + Audio Program

Ice King | Niittyviita
29 ratings

Do you sometimes feel like your bosses, clients and colleagues make dumb decisions about software testing?

Trying to explain to others how testing should be done can feel impossible.

Don't worry.

You're not alone.

With this book you learn exactly how to get your voice heard. You get tools to deal with mindset mistakes your organisation has about testing. And you will find out how to get your point across.

After reading this you can lead everybody in your organisation towards level-ups in testing practices and quality!

What people say about the book?

"Even though I've heard about the author, I wasn't sure if this would help and OMG, this book absolutely blew my mind and made me see professional software testing in a new way!" -David, Testing professional

"This book really made me rethink the way I communicate and act as a software testing professional. Highly recommend" -Minna, Test Manager

"This book is probably the best thing that has happened to the testing domain in a long long time! Everyone should read it from an exec to a trainee!" -Riku, Test Lead

What will you learn?

  • Common sense rarely guides decisions about software testing. Learn exactly what you can do to hack the system!
  • Software testing is improving things through others. Learn how to transform your influenve over clients, peers and bosses!
  • Leadership requires no title! Get a toolkit to skyrocket your leadership inside your organisation! The rewards will be handsome!
  • Never again face comments like "Thats not a bug, that's a feature". Learn how to pitch your results in a way that sticks!
  • End the struggle of how to explain how testing should be done. Now you have the tools to do it!

This bundle includes 3 bonuses:

  • BONUS: Audio program version of the book so that you can listen to it on the go!
  • BONUS: Access to author's Confidence Unleashed in 90minutes video training program.
  • BONUS: Entry to Testguru Insiders, where once a week the author shares videos about trending topics of software testing.

What readers say?

"Once again, Mr. Niittyviita delivers critical software engineering lessons in a delightful and easily digestible form. This book goes straight into the list of recommended books to read for my software engineering related courses." -Adj.Prof. Simo Hosio - PhD, University of Oulu

"A true leader is one who has mastered the effectiveness of taking action with the passion that magnetically engages people to enthusiastically grow his mission. Antti is this leader. To read this book is to choose to be infused by his Passion for Excellence!" -Carla M. Jones - Author, Keynote & Success Coach

30-day, money-back guarantee

If for any reason within next 30 days you feel like you didn't get enough value out of this book, just send me an email and I will refund the purchase. No questions asked!

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Seriously! I promise it's going to be worth it!

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About the Author:

This book is distilled from experiences of a tester boy who set out on a perilous journey by taking a leap of faith. Founding a new business in 2006 might not have been the smartest move, but that is how it all started. Through the financial crisis and adversities that followed, Prove Expertise Ltd. grew to 45 testing professionals and has sent out 15M€ worth invoices for testing services. Over the course of these 14 years as a testing professional and a CEO, the author has met more than 2500 people in one-to-one discussions about improving testing practices. From these experiences, the book finally emerged.

Antti Niittyviita, CEO & Testguru

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You'll find the Author on any social media by his name Antti Niittyviita and @niittyviita handle! Don't hesitate to contact!

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